The Trade Team

The Trade Team

Exciting events where you can enjoy your love of baseball cards with others!

The Trade Team is a great indoor event where baseball card fans can come to trade cards and open card boxes together. At The Trade Team you will be able to trade with others to get those cards you want. You could have a fun time meeting new baseball card collectors and finally getting all the cards you need to complete your collection. You will also have the chance to buy boxes and packs to include them in the trade. It’s a great event to meet new people, so come on down to join the team and be apart of the trade.

The Commercial




Kalen Rita is a baseball card collector who has been collecting for about 2-3 years. Along with collecting baseball cards Kalens other hobby is playing the sport of baseball. When Kalen is playing baseball he is found watching baseball or collecting cards. Kalens favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees. Kalen attends Mid Pacific Institute and is entering the ninth grade.

Here’s what we provide you

  • A chance to make friends
  • Get closer to the game and your favorite players.
  • Being able to purchase cards to open and trade with other collectors
  • Fair trades
  • Factory sealed products
  • A fun time!

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The Trade Team! Your team off the field!


Gabi Girl

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Connecting you with culture, one doll at a time.

Gabi Girl dolls allow you and your children to embrace culture, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. With each purchase you are raising money for these countries to get food, water, and basic necessities, all through UNICEF.

UNICEF or The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, is a nonprofit that provides and distributes basic needs to people who do not have them. They have been around since 1946 which makes it an amazing and successful 69 years. They have successfully saved millions of lives and given many hope. 50% of all of the proceeds goto UNICEF to help these countries that are less fortunate than us.
Gabi is a soon to be eleven year old girl who has always loved traveling and helping those in need. She loves embracing culture whether it’s hers or not. Her dream is to see people from around the world connecting and helping each other out.


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Gridiron Marketplace

Get fair trades and prices for your favorite football cards.

Gridiron Marketplace is devoted to bringing the best and most updated prices for cards, boxes, and group breaks. When you trade you can trust, because Gridiron Marketplace makes sure the value of the two cards are not lopsided.

Commercial For Gridiron Marketplace:

Breaks like this, is the kind of Thing Gridiron Marketplace does

This Breaker

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About the Owner:
Charles McManus is an avid football card collector who has been collecting for 3 years. Along with Gridiron Marketplace he sells cards at Paula’s Sports Card Shop. He also plays and loves sports including, football, soccer, judo, and track. He attends Mid-Pacific Institute and is entering 8th Grade. When he isn’t playing sports or collecting cards he can be found reading, watching youtube, or thinking about how to improve Gridiron Marketplace. His favorite food is tacos and his favorite ice cream flavor is Ben and Jerry’s “Milk and Cookies“.

Here are Some Services We Provide:

  • Pick Your Team Group Breaks
  • Factory Sealed Hobby Boxes
  • A Way to Sell Your Cards
  • A Fair Way To Trade Your Cards
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Gridiron Marketplace, your digital access to the field.


Responsible babysitting for all children ages 3-8.

Lola is a seventh grader at Mid-Pacific Institute and has been babysitting for about 1 year. She is certified in Red Cross CPR and Basic First Aid. She’s very kid-friendly and will keep your child entertained and having fun!

The Sunny Sitter will help you out whenever you need a break, or are looking to have a nice, relaxed, kid-free day!

Reliable service and responsible care!

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Switch Seat

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Making driving a safer experience for everyone.

Switch seat turns the backseats around and makes it safer encase of a crash. If there is a head-on collision the seat will absorb you and prevent further injuries.  

A situation where the switch seat can help. 


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Dyna Motors

Creating engines to save the world and your wallets.


This is a video will help you to understand a little more about how Dyna Motors engines work

Dyna Motors first advertisement

Some Business shots of me


About the owner

Matthew Goldmann is a soon to be Junior currently going to Roosevelt high school. His favorite subjects in school are currently English, History and Science. He likes to wear jeans and plaid shirts. He is interested in psychology, nano technology and physics.

LemonAid For Love

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Helping the people of Nepal with their thirst and helping you with your thirst.

LemonAid for Love helps the people of Nepal by putting water wells and you can help to! All you have to do is Contact us at

A47A4280 Callie is a member of the 2015 Lemonade Alley grand prize winner.  Callie is in 7th grade who enjoys dancing, and singing. Callie wants to help Nepal because Nepal is a very poor city in India that has no clean water and no buildings. Her dream is to see other people helping the needy and poor instead of seeing people being selfish. This is why Callie wants to start her business.

Thirsty? Well come and help Nepal.