Day 2: Dennis on How To Shoot Film & Video

Day 2: Dennis on How To Shoot Film & Video

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Dennis on How To Shoot Film & Video

Day 2: Kimee on How To Perform!

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Day 2: Team Cold Seat ~ Reads!

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Day 2: Scripting / Shooting

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KimeeDah, Dah-dah-dah, Dah-dah, Dah-dah, Dah! Yeah, you had to be there to get this fun exercise from Ms. Kimee Balmilero of ImprovHI on how to loosen up for the camera. Kids were rappin’ all over the place and made ready for action with front-of-camera techniques by one of Kaneohe’s most successful actors. We learned Kimee just closed an awesome musical at the Manoa Valley Theater this past week and did it without breaking any legs! Now that’s a pro!

DennisAnd then there was Dennis Burns, partner/director of photography of 1013 Integrated who took time out of his busy schedule to teach camera techniques. Dennis most recently shot EVP on the big Godzilla production. Make it big! Pay attention to sound. Write your script first!

A huge gang of mentors, including Page Wood and others turned out to kick up the heat on today’s scripts and get shots done. Today saw green screen, stop-action, live shots, voice overs and more. It’s becoming obvious that the new generation has no problem making movies!

Finally, Thanks to Mrs. Val Hata for all the snackies today!!! Wow the food direction really took a step up thanks to our very own Y. Hata & Company queen!

And a few parting shots… 🙂

Green Kaiya Leong

Day 2: Slideshow by Elaine!

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Day 1: Big Idea / Scripting

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Wow what a great first day at Camp! Today saw awesome presentations by Piia Arma of Pineapple Tweed on how to get your story on TV and the newspaper, by Ann Boots and Rob Bertholf of on how to get your story told in social media and by Kamil Schuetz of Prospect Consult on how to do an awesome crowd-funding campaign.

RisaWe started the day by working everyone into teams of 2-6 kids, then learned the finer points on how to do crowd-funding via and, how to write a script and how to draw a storyboard. More importantly, teams actually came up with and evolved their business concepts by writing, drawing and working directly with mentors.

Through the day teams did three rounds of presenting (“pitching”) their business ideas to everyone at the Camp. Each time concepts were pitched, they got better and better!

LanyardsAlong the way, awesome graphics by Robin Kumabe of bCause treated the kids to a visual feast including custom lanyards and credential tags, event t-shirts, workbooks, banners and stickers for all!

Mahalo to our mentors of the day including: Kamil Scheutz, Beau Cuizon, Jason Kama, Shyrah Maurer, Cathy Owen, Brent Kakesako, Brad Punu, Evan Leong, Kari Leong, Dawn Lippert, Val Hata, Rob Bertholf, Ann Boots, Piia Arma, Dennis Burns, Kanoe Puuohau and RK Castillo.

Thx also to our sponsors: Capital One 360, Mid Pac Institute, BizGym Foundation, bCause, Pineapple Tweed,, Hawaii News Now, Entrepreneurs Foundation of Hawaii, Children & Youth Day and the Hawaii Council on Economic Education (HCEE).

Finally, thx to our pit crew: Producer Jeff Takiguchi, Mentor Director Omar Tiwari and King Coach Steve Sue for directing traffic and keeping things hummin’.

Day 1: Slideshow By Elaine!

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CBG Almost Here!

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We’re excited to welcome 30 bright-eyed K-12 students to Mid Pacific Institute in Manoa Valley next week for the inaugural Camp BizGym! First pieces for the Camp came in today in the form of awesome orange lanyards for participant, mentor, press and staff. Here we go!!!