Gabi Girl

Gabi Girl

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Connecting you with culture, one doll at a time.

Gabi Girl dolls allow you and your children to embrace culture, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. With each purchase you are raising money for these countries to get food, water, and basic necessities, all through UNICEF.

UNICEF or The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, is a nonprofit that provides and distributes basic needs to people who do not have them. They have been around since 1946 which makes it an amazing and successful 69 years. They have successfully saved millions of lives and given many hope. 50% of all of the proceeds goto UNICEF to help these countries that are less fortunate than us.
Gabi is a soon to be eleven year old girl who has always loved traveling and helping those in need. She loves embracing culture whether it’s hers or not. Her dream is to see people from around the world connecting and helping each other out.


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