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Day 3: Edit, Reshoot & the Tomato Game!

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IMG_5806Day 3 saw many students scrambling to catch up on script writing, shooting and editing. Most kids realized that production and story-crafting aren’t as easy as one might think.

But never fail, the awesome crew of mentors stepped in to help put out fires and raise stories to new heights.

At the end of the day, kids played the “Tomato Game” which was calculated to give teams feedback on what parts of movies need improvement. Kids were introduced to the idea that people get easily bored on the Internet, so click away as soon as they get bored. There’s an infinite number of videos out there, so you better not let boredom drop out your audience early in your reel.

Everyone gathered at the end of the day, each being given a paper plate to draw a happy tomato on one side and an a sad or bored tomato on the other side. Each tie a rough cut reel was run, authoring team came to the front of the room, faced the audience, then their reels were run. Audience members were asked to start by holding up happy tomatoes then turn to sad or happy as they felt while watching the videos. Unhappy tomatos indicated areas that needed work so teams know what to work on in the next re-edit/re-shoot phase of the Camp.

IMG_5841Thx to everyone for helping each other out so nicely today. It was great seeing the support and collaboration around the Camp all day long, particularly in the final tomato critique phase.

Now, on to Day 4 and final tweaking!!!