2013 Videos

In the spring of 2013 at the Mid-Pacific Institute Weinberg Tech Plaza, our Camp BizGym participants created original scripts and videos for their own business ideas! Led by our awesome group of rock star mentors, participants worked in teams to create videos to bring awareness and to raise money for their big ideas. These videos were designed to be shared on websites like kickstarter and island funding. Check out the awesome videos below…


Makahiki App

Members: Risa Hata, Izzy Horio, Travis Lee
Mission Statement: Reviving Hawaiian culture through games & information via mobile application.
Team Affiliation: Punahou, Lemonade alley Winner(2013)


Cold Seat

Members: Jason Hara, Mackenzie Jimmerson, Victor Lee, Vincent Lee, Ethan Nagamine, Michael Yamada
Mission Statement: An innovative hybrid of food truck meets shave ice stand, catering to sporting events and hot days.


Omiyage Box

Members: Ku Carreiro, Aina Katsikas, Logan Santiago, Nicholas Santiago, Malia Neumann, Nanea Valledor
Mission Statement: Protecting the special food & gifts for travelers to bring to their families and friends.
Team Affiliation: Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union


Rainbow Chasers

Members: Catherine Mount, Namhoon Kim, Kaiya Hoopai, Kaliah Jayde Kaslausky-Villanueva
Mission Statement: Bringing a fun and entertaining game of mystery and adventure to families of all ages.


Moon Light

Members: Bryson Yoshimi, Reyn Chagami, Ethan Jung, Austin Nakamura, Kris Kadzielawa
Mission Statement: Solving the danger of surfing at night, be able to see other surfers at night.
Team Affiliation: Mid-Pacific Institute


Menehune Mochi

Members: Ethan & Kolton Leong
Mission Statement: Easy and convenient way to make genuine, high quality, local flavoured mochi.
Team Affiliation: Entrepreneur’s Foundation of Hawaii


Bio-Thermal Cooling Shirt

Members: Matthew Motooka & Brittany Amano
Mission Statement:Bringing the next generation of comfort through a cool innovative shirt design that cools.
Team Affiliation: Iolani School, Lemonade Alley Winner(2012,2013)


Nå Pua

Members: Tamara Sato, Jessica Sawai, Jayci Tsuhako
Mission Statement: Nå Pua helps everyone experience the tropical flavours of Hawaii through delicious lemonades.
Team Affiliation: Lemonade Alley Winner(2012)